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Greggie Benny
United States
Playboy of the Western World
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From @DaniellaMicaela
.@ewarren to @StephenAtHome on Iran (airing later tonight on @colbertlateshow): “We don’t have the kind of evidence…
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From @GreggieBenny
@DaniellaMicaela @mj_lee @ewarren @StephenAtHome @colbertlateshow No one’s talking about declaring war. No Presiden…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@GreggieBenny: @DaniellaMicaela has spent hours blogging & tweeting about Liz Warren taking hours of selfies. It's #idiocracy on toast. Point out to those who take Daniella Diaz of CNN seriously that a real reporter would ask Warren tough questions about policy.