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Trump Texas
Texas, USA
Bio: #BuildTheWall #DrainTheSwamp #2A #TCOT #LNYHBT #DEPLORABLE #MAGA
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From @3lectric5heep
Tom Cotton Fires Back: American People Want ‘Trump’s Vision of Immigration Policy, Not Lindsey... @3lectric5heep
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@3lectric5heep: did you read Tom Cotton's recent The Hill OpEd? In the OpEd, does he say "no amnesty under any conditions", or does he support amnesty? (Hint: the second). #immigration #MAGA?
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From @PeggyZ824
RT @3lectric5heep: INCREDIBLE! Conservative Celeb Will Be Heading Up Trump’s Fitness Council! @3lectric5heep
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From @24aheaddotcom_
Trump'd be in better shape if he weren't just Pres of Breitbart. MT @PeggyZ824 RT @3lectric5heep: INCREDIBLE! [Ferrigno on Fitness Council]