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Danielle Stella
MN 5th Congressional District
Republican Candidate against Ilhan Omar • Mother • Special Ed. Teacher • Veterans Volunteer • Freedom of Speech • 2A • Pro-life #Stella2020 Donate ⬇️ #KAG
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From @TeamStella2020
Disclosure- this is only a fan account to support #DanielleStella @2020MNCongress #banned for citing the law. Stell…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@TeamStella2020: #DanielleStella didn't just "cit[e] the law]", she followed her Constitution tweet with Hangman-style ASCII art. Even Jim Hoft admitted that. Stella opened herself up to being banned & made her less defensible to honest people by being OTT & cutesy.
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From @2020MNCongress
Pot, meet kettle.
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From @MichelinoNibal1
@2020MNCongress Wowwww!... and she’s a member of Congress and wrote that about the President?
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From @24aheaddotcom_
If Danielle Stella supported Western Civ & what's best for USA, she'd oppose Trump acting like Tlaib. She wouldn't think Tlaib excuses Trump. MT @MichelinoNibal1 [old Tlaib tweet saying to deport Trump] [she said that about our idol??] MT @2020MNCongress Pot, meet kettle.