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1937 Germany
Closer YOU get to Peadophile Head Chopper Mohammad more EVIL you get.Closer you get to Jesus Christ the more LOVING you become.Proverbs 18:13 Titus 1:13 3%'r
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From @24aheaddotcom
.@BlindManMark is a #Teaparty type living in "1937 Germany" per his #Twitter bio. #idiocracy #tcot #gop #uniteblue #ows
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From @BlindManMark
@24AheadDotCom What if anything can I assist you with?
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From @24aheaddotcom
.@BlindManMark: can you ask @NumbersUSA why they refuse to do the thing that would stop amnesty for real? This: #tcot
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From @BobStevens89
@24AheadDotCom Thanks for all that you're doing but I'm having trouble navigating your website. Where can I take action?