Trump admin invites Congress to give amnesty to 100,000+ illegal aliens rather than making smart arguments

From [1]:

The Trump administration says it will end the temporary status that shelters nearly 60,000 Haitians from deportation, saying the island nation has sufficiently recovered from devastating disasters to take its citizens back.

For months, administration officials have signaled their intention to end special designations that have allowed immigrants who entered the U.S. illegally from Haiti and other troubled nations to stay on and work in the U.S. The existing protections were intended to provide temporary respites for citizens of hard-hit countries, not permanent legal status in the U.S., officials note.

Two weeks ago, the [DHS] announced it would end the protected status for Nicaraguans effective January 2019. At the same time, [acting Homeland Security Secretary Elaine C. Duke] put off making a decision on the fate of 86,000 Hondurans, saying she needed another six months to gather information about conditions there.

As they did in announcing the Nicaragua decision, officials once again invited Congress to pass a law that would create a permanent solution for the people who have received temporary status - many of whom have been in the country for a decade or more.

“The acting secretary has repeatedly said that no one should live their lives 18 months at a time, and a permanent solution should be found,” said the senior administration official. “The proper avenue for affecting a change is Congress,” the official added....

Because the author - Joseph Tanfani - is forbidden by the Los Angeles Times from telling the whole truth (and probably wouldn't do it even if he weren't forbidden), one has to read between the lines. Many or most of those discussed above are illegal aliens, given the right to stay here temporarily under Temporary Protected Status.

And, the Trump admin is encouraging Congress to give them amnesty, just as they did with DREAMers.

The smart, patriotic thing to do would be to end the same TPS programs but make smart arguments that'd undercut those who'll agitate to keep those in the program here. Such as Tanfani, the L.A. Times, and their pals at the US Chamber of Commerce. Continuing with his deceptive report:

In South Florida, many Haitians work in the healthcare industry. Doing away with the current protections and the work authorizations that go along with them would create an instant labor shortage in that industry, along with construction, hospitality and food processing, according to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

Trump fans will cheer this move, until such time as Congress begins pushing for a "permanent solution", the establishment media begins their push to keep those in the program here, and the lawsuits begin. As with all of Trump's other big immigration plans, expect big hurdles that will block them because he can't even conceive of doing things in smarter ways but he always has to appeal to the lowest common denominator. Trump will then distract them from how he's failed the U.S.A. yet again.

See skilled immigration for arguments Trump could use that he and his supporters obviously can't even conceive of using.

[1] latimes · com/politics/la-na-pol-haiti-tps-20171120-story.html