GOP wants to know what I think of Trump. I told them.

The GOP has sent me (and a few million others) a questionnaire [1] asking my opinion of Donald Trump so far. Here are my responses:

Q. Do you approve of the job being done by President Donald J. Trump?

A. Trump has greatly assisted idiocracy. His plans are bad jokes. Eg, his "wall" would be torn down when he's out of office. He can't figure that out. He has no ethics, no integrity, no patriotism. He's incapable of figuring out how to do something helpful for the USA. There's a 100% chance Putin calls him nekulturniy behind his back. He's great at playing to Breitbart News mouthbreathers and tying up our corrupt, cosseted dulligentsia. In public life he's good at nothing else.

Q. Do you approve of the job being done by President Trump regarding the innovation and improvement of our country’s infrastructure?

A. Are those plans better than his Puerto Rico response? It took him over a week to get small teams to PR settlements, someone who's competent would have done it within a day or two. The idea that we can't secure an area smaller than Connecticut and lower than Los Angeles *City* is beyond shameful. Our enemies were watching our response: based on what happened in Puerto Rico they know Trump is a completely incompetent buffoon who'd mess up any sort of conflict with their countries.

Q. Do you approve of the job being done by President Trump regarding the economy?

A. Ask that question when the economy inevitably takes a dive as part of the normal business cycle. Even the Great Trump can't stop the business cycle. He wants to own the economy now, will he own it when there's a downturn? Of course not: Trump is not a man of integrity. He'll blame everything on others. He'll engage in endless distractions, he might even start a war with Andorra. There's an outside chance he'll listen to the swamp creatures he's surrounded with and reduce govt spending during a downturn, sending the USA close to a recession. He also hasn't said anything about the LFPR, next to which unemployment is meaningless.

Q. Do you approve of the job being done by President Trump regarding the roll-back of restricting regulations?

A. Said roll-back is only to help the wealthy engage in corporate socialism. The wealthy can profit from increasing pollution etc. He's helping them privatize the profits and socialize the costs.

Q. Do you approve of the job being done by President Trump regarding the sanctity of life?

A. As with everything else, Trump uses life issues for shtick. It's possible to turn some in the Dem base against their pro-abortion leaders. List all the times Trump has reached out to persuadables and tried to turn them against their leaders on that issue:

Q. Do you approve of the job being done by President Trump regarding national security?

A. Trump's witless Muslim ban made things easier for terrorist recruiters. His bans would keep out peace activists from Yemen while not otherwise hampering the radicalized from Belgium. When his bans were blocked, he was following a variant of Obama's visitor policy. If you say that Trump was ramping up screening enough to keep out potential bads, then you're admitting that his bans weren't needed. If you say his bans were still needed, then you're admitting Trump let potential bads into the U.S. Which is it?

Q. Do you approve of the job being done by President Trump regarding the better care and treatment of our heroic veterans?

A. President Bone Spurs is a draft-doger, using veterans for shtick. See "Veterans Sustain Two Serious Defeats From Trump And The House To VA Health Care", "Trump's accomplishments on veterans issues fall short of administration boasts", and countless more.

Q. Do you approve of the job being done by President Trump regarding immigration and securing the southern border?

A. I've written 1000s of posts against mass/illegal immigration and amnesty since 2002 at my site, at Malkin's old immigration blog, and elsewhere. I knew from Day One Trump isn't on my side. He's greatly harmed attempts to reduce illegal immigration and stop amnesty. He's repeatedly hinted at amnesty and his first plan was basically the Flake-Gutierrez amnesty. He'd legalize millions of "DREAMers", greatly harming both the USA and Mexico and other sending countries. As with everything else, he can't figure out how he'd harm everyone. And, as with everything else, he just does shtick. Instead of going after Big Biz, he goes after sympathetic illegal aliens; that makes things easy for the MSM and Dem leaders. Instead of undercutting Pelosi etc to their base, he just tries to rile up his base and thereby riles up the Dem base. He's COINTELPROing one of the most vital and fundamental issues, and all for personal gain.

Q. Are there any other issues you’d like to see represented on this approval poll?

A. As with everything else, Trump helps pro-censorship forces. Twitter heavily censors all kinds of users, not just cons. They censor Target customers, Kashmir activists, Mike Trout fans, and on and on. It's not just cons. In fact, U.S. cons are only a small part of those Twitter censors. For a clear example, search 'Brad Parscale is Wrong about Twitter Censorship'. Ask Trump to start doing smart things for once in his life by speaking out against censorship across the board. Of course, no one expects Mr. "Get 'im outta here" to do that: he's as keen on censorship as @Jack.

Q. Are there any other thoughts you’d like to share with the President?

A. You betcha. Let's start with really simple things Trump can do right now that will greatly help him and the USA. I want you to suggest that Trump uses smart arguments like DREAM Act and false compassion (as written, not with his "embellishments"). He'll undercut Dem leaders, he'll find support from millions more Americans than he now does, and he'll finally do something patriotic. What are the chances of Trump doing that?

11/7/18 UPDATE: I answered yet another Trump survey:

Q. Do you believe the caravan of illegal immigrants MUST be stopped?

A. Trump, as with everything else, just does shtick with the caravan. In the same comments where he railed against the caravan he supported mass immigration. More recently he hinted at amnesty (Breitbart headline: "Trump Hints At Amnesty, Again"). Trump refuses to make smart, big tent arguments that would actually reduce mass/illegal immigration, like (P.S. you can't even get your terms right, showing how fake you are to those who know about the issue. They aren't "illegal immigrants" since they haven't tried to come here yet. If they do enter the U.S. illegally, they'd be illegal aliens. "Illegal immigrant" is a contradiction in terms. You'd know that if you weren't fake.)

Q. Do you believe the economy is headed in the right direction?

A. Trump wants to own the business cycle when it's at the top. Everyone knows he won't want to own it when the economy inevitably has a downturn.

Q. Do you believe President Trump -- not Obama -- is responsible for today’s economy?

A. I don't believe a President can wave a magic wand and make the economy better or worse. It has a few more moving parts than that.

Q. Do you approve of President Trump’s handling of North Korea?

A. Do they still have nukes, yes or no?

Q. Do you believe President Trump deserves more credit for annihilating ISIS?

A. Have terrorist recruiters used Trump's Muslim ban to gain recruits, yes or no? (Hint: that's something the CIA should know, maybe you should ask them).

Q. Were you outraged by what Senate Democrats did to Justice Kavanaugh and his family – especially now that one of the Kavanaugh accusers has admitted to lying?

A. I oppose the Dems' last-minute barrage of accusations & attempts to subvert due process. I also oppose Trump not fully investigating the charges.

Q. Do you believe it would be effective for President Trump to remind voters that what Democrats did to Justice Kavanaugh could unfairly happen to anyone, including you?

A. Trump can't do that because, like he always does, he messed things up. Kavanaugh has not been cleared due to Trump's limited investigation. To put it in terms Trump can understand, Trump looks bad because Kavanaugh has an asterisk.

Q. 92% of the media’s coverage of President Trump has been negative. Q. Do you believe this has contributed to heated divisions in our country?

A. IOW, Trump is saying his supporters can be driven over the edge - in some cases to violence - because Trump is such a flawed President and is incapable of showing the MSM wrong in smart, big tent ways.

Q. Do you believe President Trump is right to want to stop nation-building abroad and instead focus on America?

A. I oppose NeoCons but I don't think Trump really cares either way. As always, it's all about shtick to him. If Trump were patriotic, he'd try to make the U.S. look better abroad instead of turning most countries against us. There's also a place short of starting wars everywhere, such as hearts and minds. Trump isn't capable of understanding that because he's such a simpleton.

Q. Do you support President Trump on fair trade for Americans?

A. Have you seen Trump urging people to Buy American or the like?

Q. Do you feel that people with conservative values are unfairly targeted in our country?

A. Cons would target libs just as much if they were smart and sane. They're frequently on the losing end because a) their leaders only care about reducing their taxes and regulations, and b) they simply aren't smart and sane enough. See "Brad Parscale is Wrong About Twitter Censorship" on Youtube for more.

Q. Do you believe the media fails to understand the view points and hard work of Americans outside of D.C., New York, and Hollywood?

A. Of course. Those targeted respond in the dumbest ways possible such as falling for a series of charlatans (Coulter, Beck, Teaparty, Fox, Trump, etc. etc.)

Q. Do you want Congress to pass a bill that fully finances the border Wall?

A. If Trump gets "Wall" funding he'll trade amnesty for it. Then, when he's out of office, Congress will just tear it down. As in 1986, we'll get all of the amnesty and little of the enforcement. The "Wall" is a scam.

Q. Do you believe political correctness is harming America?

A. It is. For the reasons outlined above, cons are no help with stopping it.

Q. Do you believe pre-existing conditions should be protected in any health care bill?

A. Yes, just not how the GOP would do it. I like Trump's UHC idea better, maybe he should pursue that instead of being a Koch stooge.

Q. Do you believe the Russia “collusion” investigation has gone on too long and is merely a witch hunt seeking to harm President Trump’?

A. Nyet. Putin clearly has something on Trump or at least Trump wants something from Putin ("Trump Sochi"?) If Trump's innocent then you shouldn't have anything to fear.

Q. How would you rate President Trump’s job after only two years (25% through his eventual eight years in office)?

A. Horrific. He's made President Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho look like George Washington.

[1] gop · com/official-issue-approval-poll