Donald Trump's Ebola plan helped Obama continue his agenda

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At the height of the Ebola crisis in 2014, the elites were very keen on not putting significant travel restrictions in place. Instead, the most that happened was that inbound travelers who might have been infected were given cursory examinations at U.S. airports. Obama and other leaders implemented that policy, but it was clear that the whole establishment didn't want significant travel restrictions. One likely explanation is that they didn't want to give the people any ideas about other kinds of restrictions on a safe legal orderly flow of people into the U.S.

The elites used proxies to push their agenda, such as supposed journalists who downplayed the risks of Ebola. But, it wasn't just that: Obama and other leaders got plenty of help from their leading opponents.

One of the best ways for an Obama opponent to help Obama with his agenda was to call for a complete ban on all travel from Africa or the affected countries. Then, someone like Dr. Anthony Fauci would be sent out to explain why such a complete ban would make things worse. See, for instance, "Top NIH Official Argues Against Ebola Travel Ban" [1]. Those Obama opponents who called for a complete ban would have in effect helped Obama continue his agenda. They would almost have acted as Obama's set-up man.

Which, as you might have assumed already, brings us to what Donald Trump tweeted in August 2014 [2]:

The U.S. must immediately stop all flights from EBOLA infected countries or the plague will start and spread inside our "borders." Act fast!

Those are the the thoughts of someone with no emotional control who can't think ahead. That, of course, describes most of the GOP and Trump base, but those who want to be leaders aren't supposed to act that way.

If Trump were thinking ahead, he'd realize that Obama and his proxies would be able to show why his plan would make things worse. Instead of playing into their hands, he'd come up with a plan that would work. That would involve travel restrictions, not a complete ban. Those restrictions would let healthcare workers come and go, with a quarantine period when they come back. Payments could be made to African countries affected by the restrictions, and those payments would be relatively very small.

Proposing a plan like that wouldn't play into Obama's hands. It's a very reasonable, defensible plan and promoting it would have been a way to undercut Obama's agenda.

Instead, because he has no emotional control and doesn't think ahead, Trump yet again played into Obama's hands and in effect helped Obama continue his agenda. Just like Trump's Muslims ban "suggestion" does.

It's not clear if Trump is intentionally helping Obama continue his agenda, or if he's like a Stephen Colbert skit gone wrong, or if he just can't think ahead. In any case, he's not qualified to be President.

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