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.@alexanderchee: aside from minor tweetstorms, what has @Olivianuzzi ever done? She's been given access to r/w figures - incl Trump - but she just does toothless pastiches. She's never never once asked a tough policy question, even though (because?) that's where Trump is weakest
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March 18, 2017: Nuzzi posts "Kellyanne Conway Is a Star" at NYMag. She doesn't understand how weak Conway is on immigration and in fact presents her as tough:

But even though her focus was women, her client list [at Conway's business The Polling Company] skewed decidedly fringe, including hard-line anti-immigration groups long disdained by the Republican Establishment and the anti-Muslim extremist Frank Gaffney Jr... Bannon and Conway were not just kindred anti-Establishment spirits, they also had a kind of shared cause; since the 2012 election, Conway had grown increasingly focused on immigration, arguing that the divide between leadership Republicans and grassroots conservatives on the issue was crippling the party.

The fact is that Conway is weak on the immigration issue. For instance, in 2014 Kellyanne Conway conducted a poll that deceived about amnesty. The poll was paid for by the pro-mass immigration Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook. If most Trump supporters knew that, they wouldn't look so kindly on Conway. Yet, Nuzzi and others either didn't know about that or decided to shield Conway from Trump supporters' ire.

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