Stan Greenberg is clueless why voters "tune out Democrats", as he promotes amnesty

Stan Greenberg of Greenberg Quinlan Rosner offers "Why Voters Tune Out Democrats" (link) in which he just can't seem to figure out why people aren't flocking to the Democratic Party in these tough economic times. He opines that it's because the Democrats are associated with big government, and many people associate big government with control by special interests like lobbyists. His solution involves Big Ideas to change Washington DC, such as "public financing of campaigns", "propose taxing lobbyist expenses and excessive chief executive bonuses", and so on.

I have simpler, much more effective solutions:

1. Stop constantly playing the race card. Understand and acknowledge that my ideas for the Democrats is a satire.

2. Make an actual argument for your policies. Playing the race card or calling people other names like "teabagger" isn't an argument. And, actually try to engage your opposition rather than just ignoring their arguments. Instead, show how their arguments are wrong. The ideas of the tea parties are LibertarianLite and it's incredibly easy to show how libertarian ideas just don't work. Yet, all the best minds of the Democratic Party (such as Rachel Maddow or Janeane Garofalo) just can't do it. Most people do generally support Democratic economic ideas, whether they admit it/realize it or not. Someone who isn't an ideologue might call themselves fiscally conservative, but just try and take away their benefits. Those same non-ideologues might think reducing regulations is a grand idea, until their local water system gets polluted by industrial run-off. The number of people in the U.S. who actually support libertarian-leaning fiscal conservative ideas isn't that large.

3. Stop pushing comprehensive immigration reform and the DREAM Act. In the editorial, Greenberg devotes half a screen to bad immigration proposals that would help the leaders of the Democratic Party gain new voters and the far-left gain more power, but which most Americans either oppose now or would oppose if they were ever informed of the full impacts of those policies. Greenberg states "[m]y surveys show that voters want comprehensive immigration reform rather than half measures." See the link.