Somos America, Alfredo Gutierrez turn backs on Arizona, lead boycott movement

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The incorrectly-named group Somos America and former Arizona state senator Alfredo Gutierrez are trying to form an umbrella group to push for a boycott of that state due to the new immigration law (link):

If it hurts Latinos who live in the state, that's a price they're willing to pay, said former state Sen. Alfredo Gutierrez who is chairing the campaign.

At a news conference Friday, Gutierrez said there is a need to expand the negative reaction far beyond the tourism industry, which already is being affected. Various organizations and governments already have announced they are canceling travel to and meetings in Arizona.

He said investors - particularly large ones like California's Public Employee Retirement System - need to be convinced to suspend investments in Arizona companies.

...Gutierrez said his organization already is researching firms, "both in terms of their economic presence in Arizona and, quite frankly, their history."

Note that his only concern is for Latinos, and not for the other residents of the state. Note also that the last paragraph sounds more than a bit like the tactics of Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, what some refer to as "shakedown tactics". As if that wasn't enough, he compares the new law to Jim Crow laws and apartheid and their protest to the Montgomery bus boycott. Illegal immigration-supporting racial demagogues have no shame.