Take action today to stop or minimize Obama's amnesty

Obama plans to declare amnesty tomorrow or Friday. Please take smart, effective action right now to stop Obama's plan or to at least minimize how bad amnesty will be.

What we need is for leading Democrats to see that amnesty would harm their careers and reduce their chances of being reelected. If they realize how it would harm their careers, then they'll pressure Obama to halt or minimize his plans, or at least they'll help fight against his attempts to implement amnesty.

So, how do we make Dems realize that? By promising to use the Stop Amnesty Challenge against them immediately. Some people might not understand how that would work, but politicians and their advisors will realize how it could cost them reelection or end their political careers. The last thing they want is to have someone really pressing them on tough questions designed to discredit them. A primary challenge in 2016 can be dealt with then, but the Challenge can be used against politicians right now.

OK, so how do get do that? By having top amnesty opponents tell those Dem leaders the Challenge will be used against them. If those with large audiences pledge to support the Challenge against specific politicians, those politicians will realize it's a credible threat to their careers. If, for instance, Laura Ingraham pledges to have a specific politician asked tough questions designed to discredit him, that politician is going to realize he needs to shape up.

The last piece in this puzzle is you. What I need you to do is to demand that anti-amnesty leaders use the Stop Amnesty Challenge. They can continue doing the other things they do, but just demand that they add the Challenge to the things they do.

I and others have already asked anti-amnesty leaders to do that, with little effect. What's needed is for large numbers of people to pressure them. In almost all cases, these anti-amnesty leaders have no action plan to stop amnesty at all.

To summarize, I'm asking you to pressure anti-amnesty leaders so that they'll let Dem leaders know they'll face the Challenge. The goal is to have those Dem leaders pressure Obama to halt or lessen amnesty.

Specifically, what I need you to do is contact these people today and demand they either support the Challenge or come up with another emergency plan to stop amnesty. I'm giving their Twitter handles, but you can also look up their email addresses:


I realize some might not like some of the people on that list, but that's not what this post is about. This post is about stopping or lessening amnesty right now. I'm sure some people have other ways to stop amnesty, but I ask them to leave those ways on their own post. If you don't have a Twitter account, it only takes a few minutes to set one up.

Please take a few minutes right now and demand (or strongly urge) those anti-amnesty leaders to come up with an emergency plan to stop or lessen amnesty, or to use the #StopAmnestyChallenge.

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