Shepard Fairey creates posters for immigration "reform", to halt raids

Shepard Fairey - creator of the iconic Obama posters - has thrown his full intellectual heft behind a new set of posters in support of comprehensive immigration reform. While one source doesn't like at least the attached poster because it's not revolutionary enough and because Fairey is white [1], I rush to remind my far-far-left readers that it's OK: Fairey has teamed with not just one but two (2) Hispanics on the effort. In fact, one of them is Zach de la Rocha of Rage Against the Machine ( So it's all echt. Compare his campaign with the Adam Kidron effort from a few years ago; Kidron is apparently too tied up with an NYC food project otherwise he'd no doubt weigh in.

Those with lots of patience might want to explain to Fairey that only those at the utter fringes are trying to dehumanize illegal aliens and that stopping immigration raids would be horrible public policy akin to declaring open borders. Plus, Fairey might want to consider that sentiments like those illustrated at [1] aren't exactly rare among those he's trying to "help".



Its really over with when your government is doing soviet art work to make its point so what next? maybe mass camps being built for people who will not bend to our enemies?, oh I forgot we have camps already built, or mass colonization by other people who hate Americans? oh I forgot we have 20 to 40 and soon 100 million of our enemies here. Oh well what the hell just get in line and wait until you are put in some political reeducation camp. this art is so like soviet art its a joke but the joke is on the people.