Sharron Angle finally attacks Reid over anti-American DREAM Act

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The video below is a new Sharron Angle ad attacking Harry Reid for pushing the anti-American DREAM Act, a bill that would let illegal aliens take college educations away from Americans. Contrast this new ad with her previous approach to the issue (which was followed by a general denunciation of amnesty).

Since the time of that last post, I've tweeted her and her advisors repeatedly suggesting that they make the same limited resources/zero sum game argument that I do. The new ad is very close to that so I guess I'll take credit (even if it isn't due). However, it's unfortunate that they didn't run it by someone else first (such as Numbers USA) who would have probably suggested toning it down a couple notches and instead concentrating on a level-headed discussion of limited resources.

What Angle supporters can do is now work against those who'll try to mislead about the actual impact of the DREAM Act. See our general tips about blocking amnesty.

12/12/11 UPDATE: The video (ID ZsVmzyDIyKs) was deleted from Youtube due to a copyright claim by Getty Images, so I removed it from the post.