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David Gelernter of Yale is very wrong about Trump - 10/22/18

David Gelernter - a computer science professor at Yale University - blogs "The Real Reason They Hate Trump" at the Wall Street Journal [1]. He decries Trump's vulgarity and so on, but says leftists hate Trump because he's a caricature of the average American. Leaving that angle aside, parts of this are patently absurd:

Michael Wishnie compares immigration laws to Jim Crow laws (Yale professor) - 10/15/09

Michael Wishnie is a law professor at Yale University who was involved in various aspects of New Haven's program to give city ID cards to illegal aliens; he was a colleague of former Yale Law Dean Harold Koh. A couple days ago Wishnie gave a talk (www1.wnec.edu/news/index.cfm?selection=doc.2507&DCIid=13069) where he made the following shocking comments: "The Obama Administration seems to prefer increased enforcement even over the record levels of the Bush Administration. I have no idea personally whether this a political strategy to show that they are tough on immigration reform so that...

Illegal immigration-supporting Harold Koh: legal adviser to State Department? - 02/05/09

From this: Yale Law School Dean Harold Hongju Koh is a leading contender to be appointed legal adviser to the Department of State, two people familiar with the selection process told the [Yale Daily News]... In that position, Koh - a former assistant secretary of state and a leading expert on international law - would serve as principal counselor on all legal matters to Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton LAW ’73... Meanwhile: Koh's department pledged to defend New Haven against lawsuits related to that city's plan to distribute city ID cards to their residents, including illegal aliens...

DHS fugitive teams mostly picked up non-fugitives (why is Nina Bernstein telling us this? MPI, Wishnie) - 02/03/09

Nina Bernstein of the New York Times (a paper part-owned by a Mexican billionaire) offers "Despite Vow, Target of Immigrant Raids Shifted" (link). In a way, it's a two part story. In the first part, there's the story itself, with the not-so-news news is that the targets of fugitive raids by the Department of Homeland Security shifted from dangerous criminals into whatever illegal aliens they found, including those who had not been convicted of crimes. In the second part, the question becomes, why are Bernstein and all the other not-so-fine people mentioned telling us this, and why does it...

Michael Chertoff misleads, promotes immigration "reform" at Yale (New Haven) - 04/08/08

Department of Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff visited New Haven, Connecticut yesterday to deliver a keynote speech at Yale Law School.

Mexico-linked Junta sues feds over New Haven immigration raids - 08/11/07

Junta for Progressive Action is a New Haven, Connecticut-based non-profit that is or was collaborating with the Mexican government. They were headed by someone named Kica Matos, who now works for the city and has other links to mayor John DeStefano.

Should Harold Koh continue as Yale Law School Dean? - 07/29/07

If a law school dean - especially the dean of the Yale Law School - supports widespread illegal activity and public corruption, should they continue in their present role? Consider the following statements [1] from Harold Koh regarding the ID cards that New Haven, Connecticut is distributing to their residents (including illegal aliens): "If you look on the coin, it says 'E Pluribus Unum' - so they're right on the money!" said Yale Law School Dean Harold Koh... before snapping a photo for his city ID. The Yale Law School, through professors Bob Solomon and Mike Wishnie and the Yale law...