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Want to replace Alex Wagner on MSNBC? (Now, immigration, deferred action, DACA) - 08/16/12

I'm seeking a replacement for MSNBC host Alex Wagner of the "NOW with Alex Wagner" show. Could it be you? If you've got what it takes to discuss politics on the national stage, leave a link to your audition tape in comments or as a reply to the video below!

Rolling Stone: Obama has "openly radical" background; another shocking Rev. Wright quote - 10/13/08

Back on February 22, 2007, Rolling Stone published "Destiny's Child" by Ben Wallace-Wells (link). After first quoting an unnamed aide as saying that Barack Obama is not "wedded to any ideological frame" and quoting one of his friends calling him a "human Rorschach test", it includes this quote from Reverend Jeremiah Wright (now under BHO's bus): "Fact number one: We've got more black men in prison than there are in college... Fact number two: Racism is how this country was founded and how this country is still run! ...We are deeply involved in the importing of drugs, the exporting of guns...

Tim Dickinson/Rolling Stone's misleading, pro-illegal immigration propaganda - 10/29/06

Tim Dickinson of Rolling Stone offers his list of the 10 worst Congressmen. As you might expect from that publication, it's biased ( (9 of 10 are Republicans) and their complaints consist mainly of lightweight analysis and smears.