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Teaparty's growing unpopularity is now a liability for the GOP (the chart Tea Party doesn't want to see) - 03/31/11

The tea parties movement is now so unpopular that they're a liability for the Republican Party. For a clear example, see the chart below [1] showing how more and more Americans have developed an unfavorable opinion of them over time. Support for the Teaparties has topped out: they've been stuck around 30% since they began. However, all the while opposition to them has been rising.

"Demand Question Time": another bipartisan sham (petition, - 02/03/10

A series of Beltway insiders, bloggers, and journalists have launched an online petition at calling for repeats of the recent question and answer session Barack Obama held with House GOP leaders. In and of itself this isn't such a bad idea, at least from the entertainment standpoint. However, it's a very bad idea to the extent that it will be falsely presented as a real dialogue about vital issues. It's yet another sham, a slightly elevated version of debates held on the Hannity show. As can be seen by the questions asked at the first event, the GOP isn't about to ask...

Tea party turnout number: should you trust Pajamas Media or Silver's MSM-based estimate? - 04/18/09

Now, here's a tough one. Who do I trust less: Nate Silver, or Pajamas Media and Glenn Reynolds? Silver says that a bit more than 300,000 turned out for all the tea parties (link). And, he does that by linking almost 400 events in cities across the nation to local reports with their estimates of the turnout. On the other hand, links to The estimated number of participants in yesterday’s tea parties - sent in by citizen journalists who signed up to the site to enter attendance data...

Tax Day Tea Party open thread: turnout numbers, pictures, sanity... (UPDATE: "They wanted to be like Code Pink") - 04/15/09

The Tax Day Tea Parties are finally here! All across the U.S., a sub-miniscule fraction of the U.S. population will be standing on street corners holding signs that will make them look bad and ultimately help Barack Obama by giving the false impression that his opposition is "mean-spirited" and weak in numbers. Pictures and turn-out numbers will follow as this momentous (for them) day progresses... NOON UPDATE: From the looks of it, the parties will be incredibly lucky to get 100,000 at all events combined, and it will probably be far under that figure. And, Glenn Reynolds shows exactly where...