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Incompetent Kellyanne Conway relies on ObamaCare collapsing to save Donald Trump - 10/17/16

How incompetent is Kellyanne Conway, Donald Trump's campaign manager? To answer that question, all you have to do is look at the current state of the election. Despite all his many personal failings, Trump should be ahead by 10 or 20 points. All he had to do was use Hillary Clinton's extraordinary vulnerabilities on immigration - such as her support for the anti-American DREAM Act - against her. Instead, Trump has decided to engage in meaningless personality issues.

Deceptive FWD US 2014 immigration poll (Mark Zuckerberg, Kellyanne Conway, Whit Ayres) - 08/23/16

In June 2014, FWD US - a group Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook and others started to push a high immigration agenda - released "Poll By 10 Prominent GOP Pollsters Shows Americans Overwhelmingly Support Action On Immigration" [1].

Breitbart News chief will now run Donald Trump's campaign - 08/17/16

Donald Trump has shaken up his campaign again, naming the head of Breitbart News to run his campaign [1]:

Claim: Mitt Romney said he won't flip flop on immigration at millionaires' meeting (Murdoch, Blankfein, Home Depot, Univision, Giuliani) - 07/02/12

This is all just hearsay, but it would be interesting if it turns out to be true [1]: Mitt Romney last week told a private group of potential supporters and business and media elites, including Rupert Murdoch, that he was treading carefully around the issue of immigration to avoid looking like a "flip-flopper."