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Doug Feaver /WaPo issues defense of comments on their articles - 04/12/09

Former Washington Post editor Doug Feaver - mentioned before here - offers "Listening to the Dot-Commenters" (link). While, as before, what he considers "racism" may not actually be what he thinks it is, the article also stands opposed to WaPo reporters like Darryl Fears who didn't want them to have comments at all. I am writing in defense of the anonymous, unmoderated, often appallingly inaccurate, sometimes profane, frequently off point and occasionally racist reader comments that allows to be published at the end of articles and blogs... I have come to think that online...

Doug Feaver will make you "hate" the Washington Post all over again (N.C. Aizenman) - 03/28/08

Doug Feaver runs the Washington Post blog "dot.comments", which appears to consist of attacks against their readers who leave comments rather than attempts to engage those readers' concerns. Yesterday he offered "The Latino Emigration" (link), a passive-aggressive attempt to smear those who, unlike the WaPo, oppose illegal activity: