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Mark Levin wimps out on Marco Rubio's amnesty - 01/27/13

Radio host Mark Levin is potentially a supporter of Marco Rubio's plan to legalize millions of illegal aliens. You need to help make sure that Levin opposes amnesty. The audio below is from an interview Levin did with Rubio on January 23, 2012. After several minutes of Rubio saying nothing new regarding his amnesty plan, Levin finally chimes in around the 8 minute mark:

Paul Ryan is bad on immigration, find out how much (Mitt Romney VP pick) - 08/11/12

Paul Ryan - Mitt Romney's choice for running mate - is on the wrong side of the immigration issue. Not only would he harm middle- and working-class Americans and help the wealthy in direct economic ways, but he'd do the same on the immigration front as well.

Doris Meissner misleads, downplays border security's role in terrorism, uses bogus talking points - 05/02/10

Doris Meissner - former INS commissioner and now working for the Migration Policy Institute - takes to the pages of the Washington Post to offer "5 Myths about immigration" (link).

Why Michael Gerson can't be trusted on Arizona's immigration law - 04/28/10

Former George W Bush speechwriter Michael Gerson continues to be an attack toy poodle for the Bush family, this time offering "A test of Arizona's political character" in the Washington Post (link). I'm going to outsource most of this to Byron York (link) and fill in some of the gaps. Gerson starts with no less than two hoary talking points in one paragraph: [Chaos on the border] is an argument for effective border enforcement. It is also an argument for a guest-worker program that permits an orderly, regulated flow of temporary, migrant laborers, allowing border authorities to focus on more...

Helen Krieble's absurd Red Card "Temporary" Workers "Solution" - 06/23/09

Helen Krieble - president of the Vernon K. Krieble Foundation, an heir to the Loctite fortune, and an associate of Dick Armey - has been pushing her own guest workers plan for a few years.

A challenge for Drew Carey/Reason Magazine (and other open borders hacks) - 05/29/08

Washed-up TV comic Drew Carey is now working on a joint venture with the pseudo-libertarians at Reason Magazine [1]. In various video segments he presents the "libertarian" view of things, and the latest is called "The Cost of Securing Our Southern Border" (reason.tv/video/show/434.html). Like everyone else, I didn't bother to watch it, but I feel safe in asserting that there are many things he forgot to mention.

Barack Obama immigration editorial misleads - 04/15/08

But, you already knew that. Barack Obama offers an editorial entitled "Enforce tighter border, employer verifications" (link): While I understand the passions -- and legitimate differences -- on both sides of this difficult issue, we must restore civility and reason to the conversation. Translation: "my opponents are gun-toting anti-immigrant racists". And, "as irrational as it seems, what I propose is the rational approach." First, we must reinforce our borders to deter the more than 2,000 immigrants who cross them illegally each day. Most of these aspiring laborers risk death in the desert...

Barack Obama's "honest conversation" about immigration included dishonesty, false choice, support for illegal activity - 04/03/08

On the first of the month, Senator Barack Obama spoke in Scranton, Pennsylvania and was asked about the 12 million (or so) illegal aliens in the U.S.:

Tamar Jacoby: "Stop chasing that busboy" - 02/20/07

Tamar Jacoby becomes a caricature of herself (again), offering "Stop chasing that busboy" (via this). That's part of an online debate with Mark Krikorian of CIS. For those who haven't been following along, the "busboy canard" is a stock talking point from the massive immigration/pro-illegal immigration crowd. The argument is that our border guards should chasing terrorists and such, and chasing busboys, gardeners, greenskeepers, and the like distracts them from that mission. I've already dealt with one of her "arguments": It was all but impossible to enforce Prohibition. Now, let's deal with...

Michael Chertoff promotes illegal immigration in Mexico - 02/16/07

Speaking in Mexico before the American Chamber of Commerce, DHS Secretary Michael Chertoff promoted illegal immigration: Comprehensive immigration reform, he said, would allow U.S. law enforcement to "focus more on the people that we don't want in the country under any circumstances, namely the criminals and the dangerous folks." "Every time a Border Patrol officer is transporting a load of future housekeepers and landscapers to someplace to be returned, he's not looking for drug dealers or drug loads," Chertoff said. He's saying that there are two types of illegal immigration: the bad...

Wall Street Journal not very Swift in support for illegal immigration - 12/24/06

The WSJ comments on the recent Swift & Co. immigration raids in "Not Very Swift". As could be expected, they oppose the raids. Let's look at a couple of their statements to see where their priorities lie. Immigration restrictionists would have us believe that harassing businesses like Swift, the world's second-largest beef and pork processor, helps make America safer. But so far the Swift raids haven't uncovered any al Qaeda cells, merely a bunch of hard-working people trying to feed their families. The operation involved more than 1,000 federal agents in six states. And of Swift's 15,000...

Arkansas Republican governor Mike Huckabee and the "underground economy" - 08/29/05

Arkansas' "compassionate conservative" governor, Republican Mike Huckabee, paid a visit to New Hampshire over the weekend. The details are in "Arkansas governor talks politics, immigrants at GOP gathering". In the original version, the following two paragraphs have several paragraphs between them. But, when excerpted they are quite striking: