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Author of my own life. Speaker of facts. Mentor to my dog. I choose our country over your parties politix. No apologies forthcoming. Typos Happen.
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From @vermontgmg
The fact that the GOP is unwilling to even protest Donald Trump’s attempt to abuse his office to undermine the 2020…
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From @NoPartyPolitix
@vermontgmg It shows that they are not very interested in doing their sworn duty representing "all people" within their State.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@NoPartyPolitix: in 2015 I accurately predicted how the "wall" - Trump's signature issue, why he got votes - would fail. If @vermontgmg had called Trump proxies (eg Dilbert) then on how it'd fail, Trump would've lost. He didn't. Now he's helping Trump via impeachment.