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Rich Lowry embraces Trump's unpatriotic idiocy (NFL protests) - 09/23/17

Standing athwart idiocracy screaming Bring It On, Rich Lowry of National Review blogs "Why Donald Trump Is President" [1]:

Black Lives Matter releases list of extremist demands. How opponents will help them. - 08/01/16

Black Lives Matter ("BLM") has released a list of demands (link) and they have to be read to be believed. Their demand for reparations will probably get the most attention, but that's just the start. They want race-based political control, the release of "political prisoners", and much, much more. Normally, extremist demands like theirs would be ignored. However, BLM has one key ally: their loudest opponents.

Donald Trump is too weak to undercut BLM, MoveOn, and the anti-speech far-left - 03/14/16

The latest way Donald Trump is letting down the U.S. is his very weak response to the protests that disrupt his events. If Trump were a stronger candidate, he could use those protests to undercut noxious far-left groups and by so doing he'd reduce the future disruptions at his events. The disruptive protests might cause more people to vote for Trump, and clearly that's more important to him than greatly helping the U.S. by undercutting noxious groups.