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Eric Trump tricked by sneaky, low-class trick ("Latinas Contra Trump") - 10/23/16

Rich Schapiro of the New York Daily News writes "Eric Trump tricked into taking photo with woman wearing shirt that says ‘AGAINST Trump’ in Spanish" (link): (Eric Trump, son of Donald Trump) was played for a fool at a North Carolina rally when he posed for a photo with a young woman wearing a "Latinas Contra Trump" shirt.

Bush uncovered: he doesn't know what country he runs - 04/04/06

The Los Angeles Times' offers a four(!)-screener from Peter Wallsten entitled "Immigrant Issues Are Personal for Bush" (link). I believe the best way to characterize it is as a lame attempt to further divide Bush from his base. The subtext of the article is that the latter are opposed to illegal immigration because - quite unlike Bush - they're opposed to Hispanics or Mexicans.

"Oakland's Bilingualism - No Americans Need Apply" - 08/06/04

Here's a flashback to April 21, 2001 (vdare . com/misc/matloff/oaklands_bilangualism.htm). I don't know if there's been more recent legislation, but the article does provide some interesting background. Of first note, he links to his S.F. Chronical editorial "Oakland may recognize 2 official languages -- and neither of them will be English" (sfgate . com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?file=/chronicle/archive/2001/04/11/ED120412.DTL):