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Jerry Gonzalez of GALEO on Georgia's "anti-immigrant" views - 04/02/09

Jerry Gonzalez - a former MALDEF Legislative Policy Analyst now with the Georgia Association of Latino Elected Officials takes to the pages of the Atlanta Journal Constitution with "Anti-immigrant view hurts state" (

Georgia anti-illegal immigration law isn't being enforced - 01/25/09

Cameron McWhirter and Mary Lou Pickel of the Atlanta Journal Constitution offer this: A key goal of Georgia’s 2006 law cracking down on illegal immigration was simple and controversial: stop undocumented immigrants from earning wages paid by taxpayers. Supporters heralded the provision as one of the nation’s toughest because it orders local governments, their contractors and subcontractors to confirm the legal status of new hires. But the provision has amounted to less than proponents hoped and critics feared. No one in state government is enforcing the law. No one at the state level has...