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Durbin, Napolitano welcome illegal aliens to U.S. Senate to promote anti-American DREAM Act (Arne Duncan, Clifford Stanley, Leahy, Schumer, Feinstein, Franken, Cornyn, Grassley, Margaret Stock) - 06/30/11

On June 28, Dick Durbin invited a large group of illegal aliens to attend a U.S. Senate hearing about the anti-American DREAM Act and used them in what amounted to the Senate version of a PIIPP. Video below, first person account here, writeups at [1] [2] [3].

Stay of deportation for thousands of Liberians extended 18 months (like "Temporary" Protected Status) - 03/19/10

Temporary Protected Status is, as discussed in the posts at the link, largely a misnomer. The latest example of how things that are marked as "temporary" become permanent comes from a new Barack Obama directive involving those from Liberia. This current case involves a different program - Deferred Enforced Departure - and smaller numbers of people, but the concept is the same.

Al Franken shows incompetence of Tea Party leaders, how they help Obama - 09/05/09

The attached video shows U.S. Senator Al Franken discussing Obama healthcare with a group of his constituents at the Minnesota State Fair. At least one person is wearing a "Taxed Enough Already" t-shirt, and some or most are presumably from a tea parties group.