Rudy Giuliani says amnesty can pass if Mitt Romney wins (immigration reform)

I'm sure Mitt Romney thanks Rudy Giuliani for this:

"I believe that if Romney is elected president with a Republican Congress, immigration reform can be passed," Giuliani, who was mayor of New York between 1994-2001, said during a telephone interview from Florida, where he is campaigning for Romney.

"He will be sensible and humane with the undocumented who are living here and who comply with the laws and are working," said Giuliani, recalling the "compassionate conservatism" of ex-President George W. Bush.

The key to moving forward with reform is "stopping illegal immigration" plus the "sensible" solution that a president like Romney would promote, Giuliani said.

Bear in mind that the story is from EFE, which is even less a credible news source than the U.S. establishment media.

For the downsides of the comprehensive immigration reform Giuliani says Romney would push, see that link.