Rand Simberg's Darwinistic, anti-American citizenship policy

It's time to reach into the Big Bag of Crazy known as the Glenn Reynolds / Pajamas Media universe. This time with the anti-American screed called "The Real Anchors / Anchor babies? Maybe we should worry more about native anchors" (pajamasmedia.com/blog/the-real-anchors) by one Rand Simberg. The fact that he's turning to Robert Heinlein to craft a new citizenship policy is actually the least of his sins. More important is that he's supporting a Darwinistic immigration policy and he's revealing as much a disdain for his fellow citizens as PJTV accuses the elites of doing:

if it were my choice, I’d much rather grant citizenship to someone who was willing to brave a desert and river crossing to get to this nation, learn the language and the civics, and work for a living, than someone born here who takes the nation for granted and refused to accept those responsibilities. Who is more deserving of the vote — the immigrant who has worked for it, or the native who spurns its requirements and demands public largesse? Or worse yet, a native who gangs with others to prey on his own neighbors? Why should someone, regardless of their behavior and level of social responsibility, be a citizen of this great nation through the sheer luck of having been born here, when many other true Americans who weren’t born here but “got here as fast as they can” are not?

1. Just like the establishment liberal Rosa Brooks, Simberg is supporting a Darwinistic immigration policy where only the fittest are allowed to become citizens, with "fitness" being defined by being able to cross a deadly desert. Those who die along the way apparently wouldn't have made good Americans anyway.

2. Obviously, Simberg doesn't have a high regard for many of his countrymen; he's willing to turn his back on them for something as simple as "demand[ing] public largesse", whatever that means in the libertarian code words. Libertarians generally have little or no loyalty to their fellow citizens; they tend to think of the U.S. as basically just a shopping mall and, for instance, have trouble seeing the difference between a job going to an American and a job going to someone in China. Those Americans Simberg has little or no regard for should return the favor to both him and Pajamas Media.

Note: I probably don't need to add that Glenn Reynolds links to Rand Simburg's piece approvingly: pajamasmedia.com/instapundit/104488