Rand Paul smears Americans, incl. playing Nazi card on amnesty opponents (illegal aliens in "concentration camps")

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Just how sleazy and anti-American is senator Rand Paul? On the video below, he says among other things this:

Let's get [the millions of current illegal aliens] work visas, normalize 'em, make 'em taxpayers. They're not goin' home. Even all the crowd that are yelling 'amnesty, that person's for amnesty' are they for sending these people home? Do they want us to put them in concentration camps, on buses, and send 'em back home? I don't think anybody's proposing that.

...I haven't met any farmers who say that Americans will pick crops. Americans are unwilling to work for $8 an hour to pick crops because they can sit at home and watch soap operas for government pay for $10 an hour.

...These jobs are $8 an hour and I know a lot of people say 'illegal aliens are on welfare' but for the most part they're not: they're working the $8 an hour job because they can't get welfare. It is hard to get welfare. Are some of them on it? Maybe."

If you don't immediately see how incredibly sleazy, disreputable, and anti-American that is, you might be a libertarian.

1. Rand Paul is playing the Nazi card on anyone who wants to enforce our immigration laws. Rand Paul isn't a "sovereignty conservative": he'd deny the U.S. the right to deport those who are in the U.S. illegally. He'd deny the wishes of the great majority of Americans who aren't happy about millions of foreign citizens coming here illegally.

2. Not only is Rand Paul smearing dozens of millions of Americans - including a good share of his base - as akin to Nazis, he's ironically smearing himself to some extent. Whatever immigration plan he supports, not everyone would be included in it: there's very little chance he'd be bold enough to support legalizing criminals and terrorists. What exactly does Rand Paul intend to do about them, put them in "concentration camps"? What exactly does he intend to do about future illegal aliens? "Send 'em back home"?

3. The "buses" bit comes close to stealing a George F. Will line.

4. Rand Paul is engaging in the deportations false choice; see the link for how he's trying to deceive.

5. Here's the pro-American alternative to Rand Paul's anti-Americanism. Rand Paul supports foreign serfs being paid a low (and subsidized) wage; this site supports taking steps to make sure that Americans do jobs they can and should be doing at fair wages under good conditions. See jobs Americans wont do for others who share Rand Paul's anti-American viewpoint. I want to get Americans working. Rand Paul wants to get illegal aliens working, and smears millions of struggling, unemployed Americans as moochers in order to do it.

To do something about this, look up any @SenRandPaul supporters and send them the link to this post or make the points in this post to them.