Questions you can use for the Teaparty Patriots Yellow Card project

The Teaparty Patriots are launching a project called the Yellow Card campaign [1]. They're asking volunteers to visit appearances by GOP candidates and ask those candidates questions about their policies.

Their campaign is similar to the Question Authority plan that I've been promoting for around a decade, but better late than never even if it takes ten years, right?

There are however significant differences between the two plans:

  1. The questions in the Yellow Card campaign won't be as tough as the questions in the Question Authority plan.
  2. At least so far, the Teaparty Patriots aren't suggesting that people get video of the question and the answer and upload it to video sharing sites.
  3. And (at least so far), the Teaparty Patriots are concentrating on GOP candidates rather than seeking to discredit or nudge Democratic Party candidates as well.

Let me help with each of those, respectively:

  1. To really hold politicians accountable, you have to use very tough questions. Most politicians are lawyers or think like lawyers; they try to wiggle out of any sort of tough question. Thankfully, the questions linked from the Question Authority page are carefully crafted to avoid politicians playing word games, pivoting into stock speeches, and the like. In addition to whatever questions the Teaparty Patriots devise, please ask the Question Authority questions too. Especially the questions in the Stop Amnesty Challenge.
  2. Simply asking a question won't do any good if only the people in the same townhall know about it. For maximum results, get video of the full question and the full answer, and then upload it to Youtube and similar sites. Then promote it, including to Matt Drudge if he'd be interested. And, of course, let me know by tweeting @24AheadDotCom_
  3. Don't let just GOP candidates feel the heat. Also ask questions of the Democratic Party candidates or possible candidates: Hillary Clinton, Elizabeth Warren, Bill De Blasio, and so on. Since Hillary becoming president can't be ruled out and since her policies are very flexible, work to flex her policies our way. Asking Hillary anti-amnesty questions is a great way to box her in to opposing amnesty or at least not supporting it as strongly. If Hillary becomes president, do you want her to be as pro-amnesty as Obama, or do you want her to be more anti-amnesty? Some will say she won't answer questions, but that's not true. Over the next year and a half she'll be asked hundreds of questions by regular citizens. We need to make sure that as many of those as possible are questions she needs to answer about her policies.

If you do the above, then you'll help the Yellow Card campaign be even better than it would be otherwise. Please get out there and do your part.

[1] A Teaparty Patriots email from today explains the idea:

Our multi-state Yellow Card Project is designed to force candidates to focus on common-sense issues that truly matter to Americans and provide real solutions.

We need to arm volunteers in early primary and caucus states like Iowa, Nevada, South Carolina, and New Hampshire with carefully targeted questions and the ability to grill the candidates to keep them focused on the issues that matter MOST.

We are going to send trained volunteers to every campaign stop of every single GOP presidential candidate in these early presidential states.

They are going to carry these unmistakable yellow cards and pepper these candidates with precisely formulated questions.

Every candidate for President will know that the Tea Party is watching them! It is my hope that, at every campaign stop, they’re met with a room full of our Yellow Card-bearing activists.

Needless to say, the Teaparty Patriots are seeking donations (as they do in almost every email). There shouldn't be much training needed to read a question off a card, but that's between their members and them.