How to protest Donald Trump effectively

Dear potential Donald Trump protester:

I understand you want to protest Donald Trump and shout your disagreements with him to the world. However, the methods past protesters have used against him aren't very effective. No matter how many protesters he gets at his rallies, he keeps getting more and more popular. Why repeat the same failed methods, expecting a different result?

I'll briefly describe three protest methods that would be much more effective and that would actually work to reduce Trump's popularity. That's your goal, right? Some people just want to have an emotional release by shouting something out at one of his rallies, or just want to get their picture on the news. I hope you can rise above such concerns and work towards a loftier goal of impacting Trump's candidacy.

The first thing to understand is that shouting out accusations and the like doesn't work. The only people who are going to agree with your accusations are those who already agree with you. Trump fans aren't going to hear your accusatory shout and decide not to support Trump.

What will work are tough questions. Trump desperately needs to be asked tough questions about his policies, yet MSM reporters just ask him weak questions mostly about horserace issues and other trivial matters. Putting Trump on the spot about his policy ideas would be extremely powerful and would cause many to choose not to support him.

Here are three ways to do that:

1. Use the questions at [site coming soon] to try to ask Trump a question to his face on video at one of his appearances. You'll probably need to be lucky to have such an opportunity, but if you go to a Trump rally work towards that goal. Video of Trump not being able to answer tough questions about his policies would be very effective.

2. Ask reporters who have access to Trump to ask him the [site coming soon] questions. If they then refuse to do that but instead ask him weak questions, use that to discredit them. Reporters are almost as fake as Trump himself: their mythologizing presents them as valiant defenders of the First Amendment who speak truth to power, but they consistently ask weak questions that don't put politicians on the spot. Use that against them with great vigor. Shame them and discredit them to their fellow reporters, pointing out how different they are from their own image of themselves.

3. OK, so you still want to go to a Trump rally and have an emotional release by shouting out an accusation? How about controlling your impulses instead and doing something smart? Instead of a card or t-shirt calling Trump a name, print this on your card or t-shirt: "Who in Congress supports your Muslims ban?" When you get ejected by security, it will have been over a question Trump doesn't want to answer. That question will probably make it into news reports. The fact that Trump was challenged with a question and didn't want to answer it will cause some to realize he's all hot air. There are plenty of other tough questions that are just a few words, like "ACLU tied up SB1070 for 2 years. Won't they tie up mass deportations too?" or "Won't ACLU tie up mass deportations like they did SB1070?" or even just "Won't ACLU tie up mass deportations?" or "Won't the courts tie up mass deportations?" If you do that you'll be challenging Trump on his plans and showing him weak, rather than just having an emotional release by making an accusation that won't change any minds.