Prediction: if/when the stimulus bill fails, expect Republicans to be blamed

If (or when) the stimulus plan fails, expect the Democratic Party to have some success affixing blame to... the Republican Party. Despite any other evidence to the contrary, they'll claim that the reason it failed is because, while our leader spent like drunken sailors, they weren't drunk enough and didn't spend a hundred or a few hundred billion dollars more.

I've seen something like that from a few sockpuppet commenters; if anyone has quotes from Dem leaders setting that up please leave a comment.


The Thief-in-Chief has been setting this up himself already, stating over and over that he inherited "this mess" from the previous administration and it will be an extended recovery time before things start to turn around. Translation: I won't be able to steal enough money from productive members of this society in a short amount of time AND take more of their freedoms (2nd amendment rights, for instance) AND make everyone equally miserable, so get set to be miserable longer than I first tried to make you because I won't rest until everyone believes that the new holy one is the only fount of everything good.

I think you're right. I read some left wing sites and they were complaining that Obama wasn't spending enough of our children's yet-to-be-earned $$. We're in scary times.