Poll: church members disagree with religious leaders' support for amnesty, massive immigration

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From this:

In contrast to many national religious leaders who are lobbying for increases in immigration numbers, a new Zogby poll of likely voters who belong to the same religious communities finds strong support for reducing overall immigration. Moreover, the poll finds that members strongly disagree with their leaders’ contention that more immigrant workers need to be allowed into the country. Also, most parishioners and congregants advocate for more enforcement to cause illegal workers to go home, while most religious leaders are calling for putting illegal immigrants on a path to U.S. citizenship. The survey of Catholic, mainline Protestant, born-again Protestant, and Jewish voters used neutral language and was one of the largest polls on immigration ever done.

On the question of whether there are enough Americans to do unskilled jobs, large majorities said yes. On the question of whether immigration is too high, 50% of Jews said yes with 22% saying it was just right. The other groups were higher, ranging from 69% to 78%. And, 60% to 85% aren't buying the line that illegal immigration is caused by limitations on the legal variety.


Good news people are starting to see the evil behind this BS Amnesty and it is will become total evil when Americans are sent to jail by the millions for understanding. all Americans will get what is happening and why it is happening. the joke of immigration is it is totally easy to come here and that is something our evil political leaders don't want people to know.

Yep. American citizens better break out their Supreme Court and Constitution books and crack down on the study...