Pew: Latinos comprise 33% of federal prison inmates

Solomon Moore of the New York Times offers "Study Shows Sharp Rise in Latino Federal Convicts" (link):
Latino convicts now represent the largest ethnic population in the federal prison system, accounting for 40 percent of all those convicted of federal crimes, according to a study released Wednesday by the Pew Research Center, a nonpartisan think tank.

In 2007, Latinos, who make up 13 percent of the United States population, accounted for one third of all federal prison inmates, a result the study attributed to the sharp rise in illegal immigration and the increased enforcement of immigration laws.

Nearly half of all Latino offenders, or about 48 percent, were convicted of immigration crimes, while drug offenses were the second-most prevalent charge, according to the report...
You can download the full report at

They include the note that federal prisoners only represent about 6% of those sentenced for a felony. And, the offenses of the Hispanic prisoners was mostly a function of their immigration status:
Among sentenced non-citizen Latino immigration offenders, more than eight-in-ten (81%) were convicted of entering unlawfully or residing in the U.S. without authorization. In contrast, more than nine-in-ten (91%) U.S. citizen Latino immigration offenders were convicted of smuggling, transporting or harboring an unlawful alien.


_Nearly half of all Latino offenders, or about 48 percent, were convicted of immigration crimes,..._ It's ludicrous to highlight federal prisoners and immigration offenses, but I guess they do it in order to suggest the federal government is wasting money putting so many Latinos in jail for either being in the country illegally or helping others to get here -- sort of a victimless crime in other words. _They include the note that federal prisoners only represent about 6% of those sentenced for a felony._ How generous of them. Of course the bulk of the real problem of disproportionate victimful Hispanic crime, e.g. violent gang crime, is dealt with by states and other localities. The obvious connection with demography-changing mass immigration -- i.e. that maybe it isn't a great idea -- won't be made, although anyone can see that when you have a large population of Hispanics you have more poverty and more criminality.

I think these acts of disinformation and / or non reporting of crimes against Americans is treason. Fuck these traitors , Im ready to fight......that day of revolt is closer now than ever, here in CA.

what this is really coming down to is a total releasing of most of the black and hispanic prisoners or about 40 percent of the prison population and keeping all whites inside for life and that maybe a good thing obama needs his people on the street to keep order and keep whites in line as million come here from other parts of this good earth.

Couple of observations, Fred: first, you have to be either a product of modern public education or a third-grade dropout. Those are the only explanations I can think of for your incredible lack of literary skills. Second, please keep your blatantly racist remarks to yourself and quit clogging this site with the venom we despise so much from the left. Your bigotry is putrid, and quite frankly invalidates any real and/or logical argument you may ever have.

Carlos is right. Fred is like someone you didn't invite to the party but shows up anyway to drive out your invited guests. He refuses to leave even when asked politely.

Petty is a political tool but keep up the good work! if you can see what is happening ok but why are you so stupid?