Patt Morrison's greatest journalistic accomplishment: getting a thrift shop to change their name (Sarah Palin)

During the campaign, Sarah Palin said that her favorite place to shop was a thrift store in Anchorage called ''Out of the Closet". I happen to know that there's also a chain of gay-benefiting shops in Los Angeles by the same name. If I had initiated the process whereby that chain considered filing a trademark infringement case against the Alaska store and that store had then changed their name to "Second Run", the last thing I'd do is crow about it. In fact, I'd try to prevent anyone from finding out that I was so petty, so incredibly low-class, so lower than a snake's belly, so small-minded.

Patt Morrison of the Los Angeles Times has no such compunctions (

I am proud to say that in my blog here and at the Los Angeles Times, I busted the Alaska shop's chops, right after Palin said it was her favorite boutique. The next day, the AIDS Healthcare Foundation, citing Palin's remarks and my post, announced that it was looking into trademark infringement by the Anchorage store... With a name like ["Second Run"], it can still be Sarah Palin's favorite store. She can buy her 2012 campaign wardrobe there. With her own money.

This is truly Pat Morrisson's greatest, single journalistic achievement and a shining example of the MSM's keen interest in real reporting.


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