Obama selling reduced price amnesty for illegal aliens, chain migration to Spanish-language radio

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The wonders of bilingualism include politicians like Barack Obama being able to tailor a message for Hispanics that might not sit too well with the rest of us. As an example, he recently did a radio interview with Chicago DJ "El Pistolero", and a Spanish-language TV report is here. The parts they excerpt appear to be the stock boilerplate where he promises comprehensive immigration reform and where he sidesteps a question about whether he'll stop immigration raids.

However, then the TV reporter says (video translation):

Also in a part of the interview... [Obama] said that we could also consider reductions in the fees for documents in the legalization process and also for bringing family members to the United States from Mexico or other countries.

There's a very slight possibility that the "legalization process" could refer to legal immigration, but the overwhelming probability is that he was referring to "reform". Promising an amnesty wasn't enough: Obama had to also promise to make it as cheap as possible and also promised that it would include chain migration.


Im fn sick of this catering to foreigners....no matter who the fk they are! He suppossed to represent our interests and not everyone else. Amazing how the both sides of the aisle have forgotten that fact. Enough to hope for a revolution by patriots...and soon.

I'm with you and millions of other US Citizens who have had it. I have this stuff up all over my website and special illegal immigration pages. If an illegal moves into your neighborhood, move them back out again. Don't wait for 'authorities'. Mexico does not allow anchor babies, nor foreigners to get work there.