Obama admininstration prosecuting illegal aliens at greater rate than Bush admin (up 110% from 2004)

Daphne Eviatar of the George Soros-funded Washington Independent tizzily offers "Immigration Prosecutions Up 110 Percent From 2004" (washingtonindependent.com/60323/immigration-prosecutions-up-110-percent-from-2004); expect other far-left groups to go ballistic over the fact that the Obama administration is prosecuting illegal aliens in greater numbers than the Bush administration did until about January 2008; see the attached chart from the Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse; their report here.

Note, of course, that there are many factors involved and the chart is just a rough indicator of the situation. Note also that it ends at June 2009.


Um, Obama has been in office how long...how many workplace raids have there been during his adminstration? The charade continues and we know that Obama is in fact systemtically gutting illegal immigration enforcement and handing out work permits to illegals.

Fred, your mom is all part of the show as well. I little proof that Obama is catering to the conservatives. I love this! Maybe it can shut your mouths for a little while...

Mike love is all you need. BO Is a owned monkey.

Fred? Sometimes you come very close to being clever. (probably due to error) I almost fell out of my seat when I saw your comment(s): "part of the show" and "love is all you need" in my opinion, that shows there are still some functioning brain cells left...... But your " monkey " comment at the very end proves it's just a fluke. I'm nothing special, that is no secret.... just wanted to point out you almost sounded normal for a second. Mike? Fred in all his delusion, at least has the sense to see what you never will.......that most Americans don't like ultra liberal ways and it was only because of Bush's high treason that your idol is now in the oral office.