Obama admin will fight Arizona immigration law; DOJ; "misguided"

Speaking at a naturalization ceremony earlier today, Barack Obama in effect indicated that his administration will use the Department of Justice to oppose Arizona's new, tough immigration bill if it becomes law. Among other things:

(If the federal government doesn't work towards comprehensive immigration reform) "it will open the door to irresponsibility by others... ...That includes, for example, the recent efforts in Arizona, which threaten to undermine basic notions of fairness that we cherish as Americans, as well as the trust between police and their communities that is so crucial to keeping us safe... ...If we continue to fail to act at a federal level, we will continue to see misguided efforts opening up around the country... As a nation, as a people, we can choose a different future... ...[I've instructed the DOJ] to closely monitor the situation and examine the civil rights and other implications of this legislation."

UPDATE: Video added.

Obama Slams Arizona Immigration Bill, Supports Amnesty