Tea Party "Patriots'" priorities don't include immigration (fake patriots)

There are endless reasons to oppose the Tea Parties; see the link. One of the main reasons is because they largely ignore immigration in favor of issues that are much less important, much less fundamental, and much less vital.

Seriously: what sort of patriots and conservatives mostly ignore immigration?

Why, Tea Party "Patriots" of course, the kind of "patriots" with scare quotes.

For just the latest example, the Tea Party "Patriots" organization sent out an email today saying this:

As we have done at the end of each year of our existence, today we are releasing our survey to guage where the movement would like us to go as an organization. Each year we have done one of these surveys to ensure that we are doing what the Tea Party movement as a whole would like us to do. This is how we determine the direction and issues that we will take on in the coming year. We hope that you will give us your feedback.

The survey asks several questions, with nary a mention of immigration. They want their members to choose from this list of "Priority Issues", asking "Which is the top issue that you want TPP to engage in 2013?" (screenshot below):

Balanced Budget Amendment (clean that does not force tax increases, pushed through state legsilatures)
Balance the federal budget and stop overspending in 5 years or less
Stopping debt ceiling increase
Repeal Obamacare through State Compacts or Nullification
Prevent Obamacare through stopping state exchanges
Defund Obamacare
Reform tax code (without raising taxes)
Prevent tax increases
Presidential Nominations
Treaties Senate might pass
US Supreme Court Nominations
Investigation into Benghazi
Property Rights (sustainable development)

Agree or disagree with the "Patriots'" stance on those issues, they're all important. However, immigration is more important and more fundamental than any of them.

Treaties are important (albeit quite arcane to most voters), but treaties aren't permanent. Immigration is largely permanent and it decides who votes. The situation the GOP (and by extension the Teapartiers) face would be less dire if the Democratic Party hadn't been allowed to build up their power base and increase their electoral advantage through mass immigration.

Yet, for some reason, the Tea Party "Patriots" and the other fake-patriots in the Tea Parties movement largely ignore immigration. Some of that might be because their leaders know their base wouldn't handle the issue correctly. Other leaders live in a libertarian fantasy world where we can have reduced social spending and increased immigration. Others might just be on the take. Others are, frankly, just idiots. Or, some combination of all the above.

Whatever the reason, the "Tea Party Patriots" aren't the patriots they pretend they are.

P.S. The "Patriots" also ask "What actions do you want Tea Party Patriots to engage in 2013?" and one of the choices is "Explore the possibility of taking over the Republican Party". To some extent they've already done that, and we saw what happened. However, that as one of their goals is no less funny despite that.