I'm LOST. (Insert other puns here)

The Law of the Sea Treaty. The very name brings up visions of bracing sea spray in one's face. Unfortunately, after slightly reading up on this U.N. treaty, it sounds more like being LOST in the Sargasso Sea:

The Senate Foreign Relations Committee, chaired by Sen. Richard Lugar (R.-Ind.) on February 25, quietly and unanimously approved the extremely anti-American Law of the Sea Treaty (LOST), long a goal of the United Nations. The treaty, flatly rejected by President Reagan, now goes to the full Senate, where it needs a two-thirds vote to be ratified. LOST would create a new international body and court that could totally wipe out U.S. deep-sea mining and oil drilling and tightly restrict U.S. ocean research and exploration. President Clinton tried to move the treaty forward, but with no success. Now a Republican-controlled Senate committee is taking up the cause.

I have to admit I'm no expert on these matters, but it does sound like it's not just another U.N. boondoggle but a step towards - dare I say it - world government and the New World Order. That impression is helped by the fact that Reagan was against it and both Bushes are for it.

Read an introduction to LOST here.

This says: "[LOST] a huge giveaway of American sovereignty, and which sets up a system to transfer wealth from the United States to places that don't deserve it. In addition, this treaty is a real step toward global government, giving decisions on matters of concern to America - to The Hague..."

There are detailed reasons why you should be opposed to LOST in the National Review and the Weekly Standard.