New San Francisco police chief George Gascan says Mesa was about to fire him

From this:

Outgoing Mesa (Arizona) police Chief George Gascon confirmed Tuesday that he was on the verge of being fired after his April trip to Washington, D.C., where he testified that illegal immigration enforcement should not be left to resource-strapped local police departments.

Ending weeks of speculation by police union members and his own allies that he was forced out, Gascon told the Tribune he was informed following his return from the nation's capital that he was about to be terminated. Gascón declined to identify that person.

"I was not pressured to resign," Gascón said. "I was told I would get terminated."

Just weeks later, Gascón accepted the chief of police position in San Francisco. Police chiefs in Mesa report to the city manager.

The city manager claims that, while they discussed the negative feedback Gascon had received, he never said he was going to fire him. In any case, he's Frisco's problem now.


Friscoans hate the word "Frisco", good riddance to Gascon.