"Moms for Family Unity" shows far-left will oppose future immigration enforcement (CAP, America's Voice, RI4A)

"Moms for Family Unity" [1] is a new effort designed to prevent deportation of mixed-status families, and it's yet another in the long line of data points showing that the far-left has little use for immigration enforcement and is completely disingenuous about comprehensive immigration reform. Their effort so far consists of home screenings of the "Entre Nos" movie and those involved are the Center for American Progress, Frank Sharry's America's Voice, and the Reform Immigration for America coalition.

Those who might be tempted to support the effort should wonder at what point those groups would ever support enforcement. If they won't support enforcement now, what guarantee do we have that they'd support enforcement after comprehensive immigration reform, despite the fact that "reform" supposedly includes ramped-up enforcement? Can anyone imagine those same groups suddenly doing a 180 and supporting strict enforcement? Aren't they simply setting the stage for a new round of illegal immigration and all of its negative consequences including lowering wages for low-skilled workers?

And, imagine trying to enter France illegally with your children. If you were caught and deported, wouldn't you take your children with you? Wouldn't any "tragedy" resulting from you entering France illegally be your own doing? Wouldn't you stay in your own country and try to improve it rather than endangering your children? Exactly what types of parents would put their children in these situations? Aren't Frank Sharry, CAP, and RI4A enabling not just bad public policy but bad parenting?

Please take a moment and tweet @americasvoice and @RI4A with your thoughts, or even better raise those points at one of their screenings.

[1] reformimmigrationforamerica.org/blog/moms-for-family-unity

[2] Per a write-up by James Parks of the AFL CIO:

The most innocent victims of our nation’s broken immigration system are children. In 2008, four million U.S.-born citizen children had at least one undocumented parent. Each of those 4 million American children worry every day that one of their parents might not be home when they return from school... ...You can receive a free copy of the film by clicking here. The group distributing the film, Moms for Family Unity, urges you to host a screening of the film for your family, friends, neighbors, congregation members and anyone else who is interested in a humane approach to immigration reform and keeping families together... ...An Urban Institute report released in February explains the human tragedy that follows the breakup of undocumented families...