Minutemen protest Joe Baca, get smeared; what they should have done

From this:
Members of the Minuteman Project on Thursday protested in front of Rep. Joe Baca's district office, urging the Democratic congressman to oppose a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants.

A small group carried "No Amnesty" and "No Guest Worker Program" signs and waved American flags during the protest at E and Second streets...
The impact this will have will be small. Perhaps some other of his constituents might have seen them and might decide not to vote for him, but that's about it. And, he wasn't even in his office at the time (they had re-scheduled the event). But, at least they got their event in the paper, right? Except, the reporter quotes Baca as saying:
"They hate the fact that the demographics of our society are changing... They're not trying to solve problems. We have to deal with the reality that the (immigration) system is broken. People are still here. People have to come out of the shadows. It's not going to happen unless we address it."
Then, the reporter dutifully got an MMP representative to deny that they're racists. All completely predictable, and all of it solving nothing.

The smarter way to have done things would have been for the MMP to think up really tough questions for Baca that would make him look bad. Not rants, but questions. Then, they should have asked him those questions on video and uploaded it to Youtube.

The goal would be to show him up for a national audience, have an impact on his career, and send a message to the others.


The Minutemen have no ideals of what is about to happen the Obama rats will start a mass Rain of terror of any person or people standing in the way of the durg dealers of the third world. The mexican drug dealers will eat the poor people who think that the USA Is still ran by Laws and like mexico we will become a caputured nation under the control of total evil and its leader is Obama our enemy. Long live freedom and duty and people you own nothing to this so called new ideals of non government under the control of political foreign recolonization of our lands of freedom. you will see the facts in front of you in 2009 and the start of the total dismantlement of our country.

Let 's break this down, shall we? - "They hate the fact that the demographics of our society are changing..." Translation: "I applaud the changing demographics. More Latinos means more power for me and people who think like me." - "We have to deal with the reality that the (immigration) system is broken." Translation: "Broken system" = approved talking points circulated in advance. A system cannot be accurately said to be "broken" if the rules of said system are not being followed to begin with. - "People have to come out of the shadows." Translation: "They have to be given legal status so they can bring their extended families and enlarge my power base." See item #1. As for the Minutemen having to deny (again) the racism charge, that one's a little like being made to answer "and when did you stop beating your wife?"

Translation of Sgt Joe Fiday, the USA Is about to end, and the boys in power want it that way, end game played we become the Enslaved people to a Slave people and the wet dream of all the worlds dictators is to have total control of you by uning the slave people of others nation states to keep you in total check and in total fear. The winners are the 3 percent who are the poltical controllers, the 97 percent become the lost people inside a third world hell. sad fact it will work. are we all on the same page?