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Mike Honda
San Jose, CA
Former Congressman for 17th District of California and Silicon Valley (2001-2017)
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.@scottwongDC: e.g., would you call @RepMikeHonda a "tired old Asian guy" as you disparagingly used "tired old white guy" in 2012? #TheHill
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From @aonicc
DC autonomy, Dodd-Frank, and IPAB? No deal. Hold the line and blow up the #CRomnibus. Make the GOP own the budget. @jaredpolis @RepMikeHonda
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.@aonicc: I saw your @JaredPolis tweet. What do you think about him accepting the "quisling award" from the Mexican govt? @LiberatedCit
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RT @caafoundation Thank you @RepMikeHonda for meeting/discussing anti-bullying, immigration, & other issues with us this week.// #tcot #GOP