Mel Martinez: Romney won't support attrition as president ("self deport", Jeb Bush, Kobach)

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The video below (cached) shows Mel Martinez - a member of Mitt Romney's Hispanic Steering Committee - commenting on Romney's immigration position if he becomes president.

Asked if Romney will stay with his last-known position in support of attrition - aka "self-deport" - Martinez says:

"I don't think so, no I really, really don’t. I think that campaigns are not the best place to make good policy, and primaries are probably the worst place. I think that Governor Romney will have a sensible view towards immigration, which I think hopefully will be good for the country. And, I don't think it's the only voice in our party. People like myself and Jeb Bush who are a voice on this issue and the collective of all those voices will be what it takes to come up with something, you know, some legislation that will move the issue forward."

Asked about Kris Kobach, Martinez says:

"I don't know how big of an advisor he is. I know that I've given [Romney] advice on the issue of immigration, and so I hope that I'm also an advisor. I think a candidate takes advice from a lot of different people. When you're running for office it's an addition game, you're trying to add people, not segregate people and say 'I don't want you', 'I don't want your advice'. It's a question of how influential people are within a campaign."

If you oppose massive/illegal immigration, you're urged to try to reduce the influence of both Martinez and Bush, and increase the influence of Kobach.

See Mel Martinez and Jeb Bush for discussions of why their immigration positions are bad for both the GOP and the U.S. And, see attrition for a detailed discussion of that plan.