Meg Whitman panders to Hispanics; ad opposes Arizona law and Prop 187; Meg's Fantasy World

California governor candidate Meg Whitman has launched a new Hispanic outreach (, including a few ads and a list of places to blog [1] (visit those and offer rebuttals). Two of the ads are in Spanish and the English/Spanish scripts are at [2]. The video of one of those is at and the description provided is that it "highlights why Meg is a different kind of candidate". Indeed: it says "She is the Republican who opposes the Arizona law and opposed Proposition 187."

The English-language video is here [3], entitled "Una Nueva California". And, that's where we get to Meg's Fantasy World. On that she says:

"...our most important resource is our young people. The Latino kids attending public schools in California today will be tomorrow's doctors, engineers, businessmen, and teachers. I want to give these kids a world-class education. I want them to be able to go as far in life as their God-given talent will take them... right now, California is near the very bottom in math, science, and reading. That's not acceptable to me."

Now, see How immigration changed California for the worse (education, income inequality...) Certainly, a large number of Hispanics will become "tomorrow's doctors, engineers, businessmen, and teachers". However, those percentages will be lower than for other groups, and those other groups aren't growing as quickly. It's an indisputable fact that massive Hispanic immigration has led to California being "near the very bottom in math, science, and reading". Now, perhaps Whitman has a magical plan that would turn things around, but it's much more likely that she's just a corrupt, Arnold Schwarzenegger-style hack who's living in - or trying to auction off - a fantasy world.

[1] The list of blogs in is
Latino_Coalition_Handbook.pdf (linked from the main page) and almost all of those listed aren't political blogs. The first ones listed are forums at Univision, followed by - no kidding - They reference "a
Spanish-­‐language, money saving blog on their Latino website", but whether they'd appreciate pro-Whitman comments isn't clear. Others include:, (spam their Women in Technology blog), ivillage, and gather. If you want to do a public service, go look for pro-Whitman entries at those sites and offer rebuttals.


[3] That video is marked as private; if it won't load, go to and watch it from there. After three days, it has just 89 views. That doesn't speak highly of the traffic that she's getting to her outreach page.