Luis Gutierrez turns on his former amnesty buddy Jeff Flake (immigration, Richard Carmona)

Rep. Luis Gutierrez (see the link) has turned on his former associate Rep. Jeff Flake. Back in 2007, they sponsored the STRIVE Act immigration amnesty together.

Nowadays, Gutierrez has this to say ( ):

"Congressman Flake was once a close ally on the immigration reform issue to secure the border, create legal immigration channels, and get the millions of immigrants who live here into the system and on-the-books, but he abandoned his role in immigration reform because of pressure from the far right of the Republican Party. He voted against the DREAM Act, a modest measure that would have been a stepping stone to more important reforms and we were able to pass it in the House without any help from him. There used to be bipartisan support for sensible immigration measures in Washington, but Jeff Flake is an example of the Republicans that simply walked away from positions they used to support with passion and conviction."

Gutierrez released that statement in support of Richard Carmona, who's running against Flake for Senate from Arizona. At a debate before the statement was released, Flake said:

My record in Congress has been one to reach across the aisle. I've worked on comprehensive immigration reform ever since I got to Congress. I worked with Luis Gutierrez. I worked with Senator Kennedy. We tried to get comprehensive reform through. Unfortunately, we can't get the trust level until we have a secure border.

Carmona replied:

[Flake] talks about his bipartisanship, but the fact is that's not true... The fact is that when he talks about Congressman Gutierrez about immigration, I called Congressman Gutierrez spokesman. His words were, 'Congressman Flake abandoned me on immigration. When it was convenient he was with me. When he wanted to be a senator, he left.'

The only difference among their immigration stances is that Gutierrez and Carmona are even worse than Flake. While Flake is a lost cause, other GOP candidates need to learn that pandering just doesn't work: no matter how bad Flake is, he'll never be bad enough for those like Gutierrez.