Lou Dobbs kept off CNBC due in part to pressure from racial power groups?

Andrea Nill of ThinkProgress offers "Report: CNBC Was Considering Hiring Dobbs Until Latino Groups Pushed Back" (thinkprogress.org/2009/12/05/dobbs-cnbc-nogales). Neither she nor those in her general sphere are that credible and would want to inflate their power as much as possible, so take this with a large grain of salt:

(National Hispanic Media Coalition) President Alex Nogales told ThinkProgress today that CNBC was in fact talking with (Lou Dobbs) and that his hiring was, at least in part, thwarted by the same coalition of Latino, civil rights, and media-watchdog groups that successfully campaigned to get Dobbs off CNN airwaves...

When the New York Times reported that CNBC was in negotiations with Dobbs, many of these same civil rights groups chose to similarly and quickly pressure CNBC. The groups, in a letter, warned CNBC that such a move “would be a clear demonstration that CNBC is willing to use its airwaves to promote hate.” They “respectfully” requested the network “refrain” from hiring Dobbs.

Nogales says he reached out with the groups’ concerns to Executive Vice President of Diversity for NBC Universal, Paula Madison, and informed her that his group had signed the letter and she should expect all the major Latino civil rights advocacy organizations and their allies to do the same. Nogales brought up the $30 billion pending deal between Comcast and General Electric on the acquisition of NBC Universal, pointing out that an ugly public battle would not be in NBC’s best interest. According to Nogales, he received a call one hour later from Mark Hoffman, President of CNBC, extending his sincere apologies and assuring Nogales that CNBC would not be offering Dobbs a job. Nogales says that CNBC was in fact talking with Dobbs, though it was unclear whether the two parties had reached an accord before Hoffman contacted him.

She then quotes Nogales crowing "we’re showing our power by collaborating with other groups and putting pressure on networks to do the right business thing".

This proves my point about how Dobbs supporters should approach his recent supposed flip-flop. Turning on him helps those racial power groups that want to keep the other side's views off the air.


These racist, repugnant Hispanic special interest groups learned well from Jesse Jackson. Everything about this story is pathetic.

Lou Is only the start is this BS telling you who are not of the race what is about to happen to you? it is time all white American see the facts of our enemies inside this country. by the way a young white american was sent to prison yesterday in old italy out of hate for Americans if americans can be used like that in a so called white country what do you think will happen to you inside a brown race hate country like this one is becoming? Buy Gun

'According to Nogales, he received a call one hour later from Mark Hoffman, President of CNBC, extending his sincere apologies and assuring Nogales that CNBC would not be offering Dobbs a job.' What if every time they try to get a network to censor/blackball Dobbs, Dobbs' viewers wrote to the person in power like Mark Hoffman and said due to their being cowed by these groups, I will no longer watch your network but will instead tune into, e.g., Bloomberg. If enough people did this, maybe they would change their opinion on caving into censorship campaigns being "the right business thing".

I don't have a big problem with their 'racism'; they stick up for their own kind. The problem is that American Whites don't.

As an hispanic conservative I reject the propaganda promoted by Nogales. He doesn't speak for all hispanics. I watched Lou when he was on CNN religiously. And I agree with Lou 100% on illegal aliens. Illegal aliens have no rights. They have committed a crime (entering illegally)plus many have committed document fraud to obtain jobs and licenses. The US should round them up, finger print and photograph them and put all this in a national data bank so that the INS,Police,employment offices can tap into. Anyone found here illegally again shall be permanently band from ever working and/or comin to the US.

eh is right and can see facts without the BS In front of it.