Los Angeles Protest for Immigrant Rights

[[Eastern Group Publications]]/[[Selene Rivera]]/[[September 14, 2006]]/link

Reports on the September 2 Los Angeles march:

..."The truth is that the immigrant community is been attacked and now more than ever we have to be together," said Maria Salinas of Hermandad Mexicana, one of the many coalitions that were part of the Labor Day weekend marches. Other organizations included Somos America (note: that may have been a reference to the We Are America Alliance instead), [[Proyecto Latino USA]] and the March 25 Coalition.

Note there was also a September 4 Los Angeles March which occured in Wilmington. Who exactly organized which march is not clear.

..."Immigrants made this country and many of us have had the opportunity to work and get citizenship or are born citizens. We have to give others the chance we were given," said 'white activist and American citizen Pamela Douglas during the Saturday march.

The march downtown Los Angeles also showed support for Elvira Arellano, an undocumented immigrant who faces deportation, despite having a 7-year-old U.S.-born son. She has sought refuge in a Chicago church, in order to avoid being separated from her son.