Little Green Footballs has ObamaCare questions

Someone associated with Little Green Footballs has compiled a list of questions about Obama healthcare here. There are several dozen questions and they're encouraging their readers to go ask them at townhalls and the like.

Unfortunately, at post time, there's only one that's marked as answered: whether illegal aliens will be covered under the plan. LGF says they won't be covered, linking to the highly misleading claim from FactCheck.

LGF is thereby preventing their readers from asking a powerful question that could be used to discredit people such as Arlen Specter. That's not exactly smart, and most of their other questions are more on the informational side (does it do this?) rather than the much more powerful "cross-examination" side ("you said this, but...") But, at least it's a step above what others are encouraging: going to public meetings and throwing tantrums.


Stop beating that dead horse .......They only lie when asked pertinent questions anyway. Obama outright lied about illegal aliens getting healthcare. Anyone stupid enough to believe them is an Obama voter. On your question on falling hits on your website. I ,for one, resent your constant attacks on brave Americans who are attending town meetings and asking relevant questions that illustrate quite clearly that they are informed and have done their homework. Knock it off. We can thank them for the stall on the push for this mess right now. I have never been prouder of Americans who are finally waking up and speaking up!

Mary is right the only way out is not light of day but by force of arms against a third world evil by a free people, its always been that way and it always will be.

Yup, gather all the rednecks and we will meet in a week in front of the White House. Ill bring the guns and whiskey!!!! Bunch of backwater idiots!!!!!

"Rednecks? Yo Momma, you needn't get involved. Grab a beer, sit back in your overstuffed,stained easy chair, and watch Dancing with the Stars! More of your kind would be the end of this great country.