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Athens, GA
National Correspondent, MLB. Contributing Editor, @nymag. SI's "The Will Leitch Show." Critic, @griersonleitch. Founder, Deadspin. Author, books. Mattoonian.
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.@williamfleitch: your odd ideas about patriotism aside, would #USMNT be better if soccer were more popular in the USA? Is @ussoccer_mnt etc hiding games away on channels millions don't get & marginalizing the sport helping or hurting that? Concentrate on that instead.
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.@williamfleitch blogs about #USMNT missing #WorldCup, inventing the unpatriotic idea of "ironic...hipster patriotism". Those like Leitch just do what their sugardaddies tell them to do, and those sugardaddies are unpatriotic globalists. (NB: not in support of r/w mouthbreathers)