Will Linda Qiu of the NY Times try real journalism on the "Migrant Caravan"?

At the New York Times, Linda Qiu blogs the deceptive "Did Democrats, or George Soros, Fund Migrant Caravan? Despite Republican Claims, No / President Trump, echoing the assertions of a Republican lawmaker, said that 'a lot of money' was given to migrants traveling toward the United States. There is no evidence of that" [1]:

...There is no evidence that George Soros, a billionaire and major Democratic donor, paid thousands of migrants to “storm.” Nor is there evidence that Democrats support the effort, as Mr. Trump has said... Mr. Gaetz’s [2] speculation that the migrants were being offered cash to join the caravan by Mr. Soros is unfounded. Open Society Foundations, Mr. Soros’s philanthropic organization, has denied any involvement...

The title claims Soros didn't fund the caravan, yet Qiu's text says only that there's no evidence. As they say, "absence of evidence isn't evidence of absence." The title gives the false impression that Qiu has debunked the GOP claims. She hasn't, she just didn't look hard enough to be sure. A real journalist would do that, but Qiu is apparently keen on doing journalism in the Gateway Pundit style. And, she's getting help: for instance, a USA Today blogger thinks his readers won't bother reading past the headline [3].

Qiu (formerly with Politifact) also blogs this ludicrous claim:

There is similarly no evidence that Democrats "wanted that caravan." Though Democrats (and many Republicans) oppose the Trump administration’s policy of separating families detained at the border, Democrats have supported legislation to improve border security.

Claims that the caravan is coming here to vote are as ludicrous as that claim, but the fact is that the leaders of the Democratic Party and their major donors like Soros are very strong enablers of illegal immigration (if you've been living under a rock, see the link, Nancy Pelosi, Thomas Perez, etc. etc.). Trying to cover that up by claiming "Democrats" want improved border security is highly deceptive. That doesn't means Dem leaders want open borders, but they do enable illegal immigration as much as they can in order to obtain more race-based power.

Obviously, Donald Trump and other rightwing grifters lie (a lot). The antidote to that isn't to deceive as much as them and reflexively defend sacred cows as much as them, it's to do real journalism and really look into issues.

So, here's a chance for Linda Qiu to try some real journalism!

Real journalism would consist of finding out which groups have helped the caravan in one way or another, and then finding out if any of them have received money from Soros. A note at the bottom of Qiu's piece says "Maya Averbuch contributed reporting from Guatemala" so the NYT has someone on the scene who can surely compile that list. After that, it'd be just a matter of "following the money", as journalists are fond of saying, unless the money trail would lead to places they don't want to go.

P.S. Here's a list of mostly pro-illegal immigration groups. Are any of them helping with the caravan?

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[2] Rep. Matt Gaetz
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